Hitchhiker or Roadside Prostitute?

Do you pick up hitch hikers? Have you ever wanted to pick up a hitchhiker?  I used to pick up hitchhikers quite often in Minnesota and honestly I always had good experiences with them. You know, I’d pick someone up, we’d share some life, listen to each others’ stories, feel like great buddies and then part ways.  Sometimes I’d even have an opportunity to help them out or whatever.  Well, living in Turkey, I always thought it’d be the same.

When I was new in Turkey, I’d be traveling to Antakya to see my in-laws on weekends and we’d sometimes see people who looked like they needed a ride; often standing under a freeway overpass trying to flag down someone for a ride.  Strangely they were usually young women, but whatever.  I’d notice them from my bus window or from a crowded car and think “If I ever have a chance to give a hitchhiker in Turkey a ride, I’ll do it.*”

One day a couple years into my time in Turkey, my wife Rana and had finally bought a car.  We were traveling to Antakya just the two of us, and sure enough we passed under an overpass and saw a stranded, (attractive female,) traveler on the side of the road and buzzed by.

Rana said “did you see that?”

I was like “Yea, do you think we should try to turn around and give her a ride? Her car probably broke down.”

Rana said “Are you Crazy?  That’s a prostitute!”

“Shut up, you’ve got to be kidding me.” I said and remained unconvinced.

Well, I’ve become convinced over the years as I have seen numerous semi trucks pulled off to the side of the freeway with women getting in or getting out, and it’s been increasingly obvious that those “stranded travelers” are usually young women in miniskirts and always seem to stand under the same overpasses.

So the lesson of the day is to be careful when picking up strangers on the freeway in Turkey.  There’s more to this story that I’ll share tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

*no pun intended

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  • http://www.globestoppeuse.com Anick-Marie

    That’s why the first sentence I learnt in Turkish was Nataşa değilim ! I can only recommand this blog post on HH safety for girls in Turkey and remind us the sad story of Pippa Bacca

    Hitchhiking in Turkey means a short waiting time shorter than anywhere and awesome drivers, very caring and generous. At the same time, I did get out of two vehicles because of inappropriate behaviour. One must always be ready to leave, at any time.

    • http://blog.familychristianmovies.com Jake Olson

      Anik-Marie, thanks for stopping by. I tried to click through to your website but it didn’t work http://www.globestoppeuse.com/ I did however read the article about hitchhiking. Wow, what experiences. Sounds like you’ve done some hitchhiking as well here. Very awesome, very brave. I wonder if I could do a short interview with you for the blog here at some point?

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